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Course HistoryPre construction of Tyrone Hills Golf Club

Tyrone Hills started its life as a single-family farm located on Old U.S. 23, one-half mile west of the Tyrone Township Hall and a few miles southwest of the Fenton Downtown Commercial Center. Residents lovingly referred to that part of town as Dibbleville, relating back to the original Village’s name before the founding fathers changed the name of the town and street names.

During Fenton’s hay days, it was a thriving lumber town with many lumber Barons living in their mansions along the cities broad new streets. Fenton lumber suppliers shipped lumber out of state to help build cities like Chicago and Indianapolis until the forests were exhausted.  Although, Fenton remains a major commercial center for the smaller villages that surround it.W. Bruce Matthews III, created Tyrone Hills Golf Club in late 1963. It was originally planned as a 27 hole golf course, which Bruce used the rolling hills, ponds and trees to create this beautiful public golf course.